Fall of dream …..

         Everyone from all of us having a dream. I have my dream. But today my biggest dream falls. My biggest dream is to meet Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
        He is one of biggest name is modern era of research and development. I am not gonna talk about his life, his date of birth or his work etc. Today I am this blog to dedicate to his dream. He has dream to revolutionize india his vision-2020 is still incomplete.
       Why we people are talking about him. Because he his one of the most famous scientists or we can say only famous scientist. Today india have 37,000 scientists but can anyone tell me 5 scientists name? That’s the reality of today’s people. Many of the people know Dr. Kalam because he has one chapter over him or some of people may know his name because he is trending on social media. Why we can’t respect people like Dr. Kalam? Why we don’t know people like Dr. Kalam.
            If a flim star or cricketer visit a place or hotel or mall. Those people going to be crazy. Take pictures with him, give him respect all of that. And next day they publish those pictures in newspapers. But has anyone given that respect to that scientists? Answer is Never.
          From my view the biggest gratitude to his work is to complete his VISION-2020 and giving respect to people like him.
         R.I.P. Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam . May your soul rest in peace.



7 thoughts on “Fall of dream …..”

  1. RIP Missile Man of India:|:|… His work n dedication will always remembered… We, the youths of India will try to complete his dream i.e. Vision 2020…

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